Multi-Session Packages - Distance Reiki


Multi-Session Packages - Distance Reiki

from 135.00

Save 10% when purchasing 3 Distance Reiki Sessions upfront

3 x 30 Minute Distance Reiki Package = $135 (only $45 per session)

3 x 1 Hour Distance Reiki Package = $216 (only $72 per session)

3 x 1.5 Hour Distance Reiki Package = $324 (only $108 each)

Session Duration:
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IMPORTANT: Within 48 hours of purchasing your session (excl. AUS weekends), you will receive an email to let you know that your Energy Healing is ready to access at a time that is convenient for you (the email will also include instructions on how to call in the energy).

As Energy has no boundaries, rest assured that your Energy Healing Session is not inhibited by location or time! Receiving an Intuitive Energy Healing via Distance will result in exactly the same healing & re-balancing as an in-person session, the only difference is that you can receive the healing in the comfort of your own home!

Distance Energy Healing Sessions

30 Minute Session: AU$50

This shorter session is great if you feel like you need an energy boost, are feeling a little stressed or just want to try Energy Healing! During this session I will focus on clearing & sending Reiki to the biggest blockages in your energy field. For a full body healing session, please see the 1 hour or 1.5 hour sessions.

1 Hour Session: AU$80

The 1 hour session is ideal if you are feeling a bit stressed, emotional and out of balance. Balance your chakras, release stress and experience a full body Energy Healing Session.

1.5 Hour Session: AU$120

The longer session is recommended if you are feeling very stressed and out of balance, or if you are ready for some deep healing.