Intuitive Energy Healing

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Energy Healing is nourishment for the soul!

We are all made up of Energy and each layer of our being is beautifully interconnected- physical, spiritual, mental & emotional! Energy Healing provides benefits by clearing the energetic causes of imbalances, dis-ease and stress.

As an intuitive empath, clairsentient and Reiki Master, I work to gently release blockages and stagnant energy from your energy field, sending light and loving Universal/Source Energy to these areas instead.

As these layers of stress, trauma, subconscious blocks & heavy emotions start to shift, you will feel lighter and more peaceful, you will feel that you have the strength and inner resilience to move forward on your path. Energy Healing is a beautiful way to find relief from stress & anxiety and get back in touch with your true self!

Maybe you feel stuck, like you keep repeating the same cycles but feel consciously ready to move forward with your life!

Maybe you feel emotional, overwhelmed, constantly stressed or maybe even anxious!

Maybe you know that the answers lie deep within your own soul and you are a seeking to evolve that spiritual side of yourself, your true self!

Energy Healing provides you with exactly what your soul needs at this time to move forward! It could be relief from stress or overwhelm, clarity to know your next step, or the emotional balance and strength you need at this time in your life. Your soul knows exactly what to let go of and where to receive energy for your highest good.

Benefits Include:

  • Increased emotional strength & balance

  • Relief from stress, anxiety & overwhelm

  • Increased clarity and access to your inner wisdom & intuition

  • Balanced energy and chakras (main energy centres in the body)

  • Enhanced self-awareness

  • Release of heavy energy & emotions that are holding you back!

  • Enhances the body's own natural ability to heal itself

  • Greater sense of peace & wellbeing

Booking Your Session

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1 Hour Intuitive Energy Healing:


The 1 hour session is ideal if you are feeling a bit stressed and out of balance. Balance your chakras, release stress and experience a full body Energy Healing Session.

1.5 Hour Intuitive Energy Healing:


The 1.5 hour session is highly recommended if this is your first session or if you are feeling very stressed, emotional, out of balance and ready for some deep healing. This longer session will allow enough time for a full body Energy Healing while you melt into relaxation, release stress and balance your chakras.

Multi-Session Packages also available, please click here >

Currently taking female clients only

If you’re interested in a ‘Mini’ Energy Healing, I do offer a 30-minute session, but via Distance Only. As energy has no boundaries, this type of Energy Healing works in the same way as an in-person session. This ‘mini’ session is a great option if you feel like you like you need an energy boost, are feeling a little stressed or just want to try Energy Healing! During this session I will identify the biggest blockages in your energy and focus on clearing & sending energy to those areas/chakras. Please click here to learn more or Book your session >

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