Distance Reiki Healing

Distance Reiki is a wonderful way to bring health & vitality back to every level - physical, emotional, mental & spiritual! If you’re feeling anxious, stressed, out of balance or weighed down by heavy emotions, Reiki is a wonderful way to bring harmony to mind, body & spirit and help you feel good again!

My Distance Reiki Sessions are designed to provide stress relief, chakra re-balancing and increased emotional balance utilising a combination of gentle Reiki healing, crystal therapy and intuitive guidance. Your session will result in the same healing & re-balancing as an in-person session, the only difference is that you can receive the healing in the comfort of your own home! Click here to read more about Reiki >

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Benefits of Reiki:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Relief from stress, anxiety & overwhelm

  • Emotional strength & balance

  • Chakra balancing

  • Deeper, more restful sleep

  • Enhances intuition, clarity & self-awareness

  • Assists in the release of any heavy energy & emotions that are holding you back

  • Enhances the body's own natural ability to heal itself 

  • Greater sense of peace & wellbeing

Booking Info & Pricing

Thank you for your interest in booking a session with me :) I’m Dani, an experienced Reiki Master offering Reiki & Intuitive Healing Sessions in-person on the Sunshine Coast (Qld) or via Distance so that you can experience a session anywhere in the world and in the comfort of your own home!

To book your Distance Reiki Healing, please click ‘add to cart’ below & follow the prompts. Looking forward to connecting :)

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Distance Reiki

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Expect During My Session?

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When I facilitate your Distance Reiki session, I will connect to the Reiki energy and allow that positive energy to flow to you, bringing deep relaxation and harmony to mind, body & spirit.

Within 48 hours of purchasing your session (excl. Sunday/Monday AUS), you will receive an email to let you know that your Reiki Healing is ready to access at a time that is convenient for you (the email will also include instructions on how to do so). I will also pass on any intuitive insights or messages that come up during your healing as I am connecting with your energy and chakras.

As Energy has no boundaries, rest assured that your Reiki Healing is not inhibited by location or time. I set the intention for the healing energy to come to you at the best and highest time for you. If you choose to set aside a specific time to relax and receive your healing, all you need to do is hold the intention of receiving and being open to the energy and your Reiki Healing will start flowing. During the session, you may fall into a meditative state or experience a general sense of calmness; a variety of emotions or sensations may also be experienced, such as heat, lightness or vibrations.

What Might I Experience During My Reiki Session?

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"I think I fell asleep"

"I feel lighter"

"I felt the energy moving in my legs"

These are some of the common things I hear following a Reiki Healing. Each person's experience with the energy is different, and sensations will also vary according to what chakras might be blocked, or where the flow of energy has been stagnating. You may even feel nothing at all and that is completely ok! Your experience is your own.

If you do feel the energy, it may be very subtle - you may feel a gentle pulsing sensation even though my hands are not in contact with your body. Many people report falling into a meditative state, where they are simultaneously conscious but also deeply in-drawn. Receiving Reiki will allow you to release stress and emotional burdens, bringing deep relaxation, clarity and hope.


Does Reiki hurt?

Not at all! Reiki is a very gentle form of energy healing that can only work for your highest good, and as an energy of pure love and light, can only work with a positive intention behind it.


How often should I receive Reiki?

If you are feeling stressed, emotional or out of balance and your energy system & chakras are quite blocked, I always recommend a few regular sessions (weekly/fortnightly). Reiki works to gently peel away, layer by layer, built-up heavy emotions, stress and trauma that may be stopping you from feeling calm and keeping you from being your true amazing self!

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When you are feeling much lighter & balanced, I recommend regular 'Wellness Sessions’ - these help to keep your energy flowing freely, aid in the release of built-up stress from everyday life and keep you feeling more centered, calm & balanced! A session every 3-4 weeks is advisable but do come in whenever your intuition guides you!

Receiving Reiki regularly provides deeper balancing & longer-lasting benefits! Reiki has a cumulative effect, so you may start to notice other changes in your life as well, such as improved sleep & digestion, feeling more grounded, centered & less reactive, as well as increased self-awareness & stronger intuition.