Heal Your Chakras

A chakra is a centre of energy within the body, there are seven main chakras which align with the spine and have an important role in human function - from immune strength to emotional balance. Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word ‘chakram’, meaning wheel – named because clairvoyants see these chakras as spinning discs of light and energy within the body.

Your chakras are also connected to smaller energy channels that run throughout your subtle body, these are known as meridians by Holistic Healers and Acupuncturists.


7 Major Chakras


Crown Chakra ~ crown of the head

Third Eye Chakra ~ centre of the forehead

Throat Chakra

Heart Chakra ~ centre of the chest

Solar Plexus Chakra ~ stomach/upper abdomen

Sacral Chakra ~ just below the belly button

Root Chakra ~ base of the spine

There are also other chakras outside of our physical body, including the Earth Chakra just beneath the feet!


Chakras & Energy Healing


When you receive a Reiki healing, I always check on your chakras by intuitively connecting into each centre and sensing how strong the flow of energy is – if it is completely blocked then there will not be any movement of energy in that area.

As each chakra is connected to different emotions and experiences, I find that the state of our chakras can provide important information about the cause.

I will then check the rest of your body and energy field, channeling healing Reiki energy into any areas that require balancing.


Meditation To Get In Touch With Your Chakras

I love working with chakras and often complete my own Chakra Meditation each week. Spending time focusing in on each chakra can help build awareness about any imbalances or blockages within your body and energy field. If you find a blockage or heaviness, you can then visualize a healing light building in that area. You might even feel the energy moving around again!


General Signs That Your Chakras Might Be Out Of Balance

  • Feeling stressed, anxious or worried

  • Emotional or feeling up & down

  • Easily distracted & losing focus

  • Out of balance or feeling like something is ‘off’

  • Physical Pain

At times in our life, our chakras can become 'stuck', blocking the flow of energy throughout the body - these blockages can lead to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances.


On the other hand, when the chakras are functioning well and energy is flowing smoothly, the body’s physical and subtle energies are in balance and harmony. 🌷

Reiki is beautiful ways to bring your chakras back into alignment! To learn more about my Reiki Sessions please click the button below:


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