About Dani

Thanks for visiting Inner Nurture! Here is a little bit about me :)

I've been interested in holistic healing methods since I was a teenager, receiving both Reiki and Bowen Therapy and attending meditation classes with my Aunty. Reiki, meditation and crystals were beautiful ways of coping with trauma and bringing myself back to self-love and gratitude. I think my intuition knew where my true passion was back then, but there was still a lot of inner healing and learning to do.


Being empathic, I have always felt a strong connection with animals - I spent many years volunteering, studying (both an Environmental Science Degree and 3 years of Vet School!) and working in the field. But after 3 years of Vet School, I looked up and could no longer recognise myself, I had let my spiritual self fall behind and I was a mess. I had the realisation that this career path wasn't right for me - as someone who is very sensitive to energy, pain and emotions, my heart was breaking every day - whether from ethical dilemmas, animal suffering or the overarching stress of a difficult degree (and I did not foresee this ending once I had graduated). My mental, emotional and physical health were all deteriorating. Stress. Anxiety. Sleep Apnoea. Fatigue. IBS. Weight Gain. Chronic Pain. The physical manifestations of my inability to deal with life, I felt unsafe and so stuck.

I had to take action! I had to make a choice - Do I continue down a path just because I 'should' or do I choose myself and trust that there is another way I am supposed to spread love and kindness out into the world?

I am so thankful that I did choose to follow my intuition (which had been yelling at me for some time!). I made some HUGE life changes and started nurturing myself and my energy. I slowly learned to trust myself again and I now know that everything happens to bring me greater understanding, growth and gratitude. Through consistent self-care, self-love, acceptance and listening to my intuition, I have found my way back to myself! My health has dramatically improved, my emotions are balanced and strong and I have my inner strength and resilience back!

I am so grateful every day for the opportunity to live what truly lights me up and that I get to work with amazing people, who have a desire to get in touch with their soul, live from their heart space and truly create a vibrant life.


  • Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists

  • Reiki Master (Usui Lineage)

  • Holistic Health Coach (Health Coach Institute)

  • Life Coach (Health Coach Institute)

  • Owner at Gaia Sweets (Healthy Vegan Cake Business - Perth, WA)

  • Plant Based Nutrition Certificate (T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell)

  • Bachelor of Science (Murdoch University)

  • Bachelor of Environmental Science - Wildlife & Conservation Biology (Deakin University)

IICT Certified Natural Therapist
BLC Seal

What is a Reiki Master?

The Reiki levels are a pathway of spiritual and personal development, with Reiki Master (Level III) being the highest level of dedication along this path. I choose to live my life from a place of love and intuition, with an openness and willingness to always continue learning and growing! A strong foundation of regular meditation, yoga, plant-based living and regular self-healing allows me to be the clearest channel I can be, which is essential for work as an Energy Healer!