Hi, I’m Dani

I’m an experienced Reiki Master & Intuitive Energy Healer, offering sessions from my peaceful healing room in Buderim, QLD.

I’ve always loved holistic healing, including meditation, crystals, and Reiki! I spent my teenage years collecting so many crystals and going to meditation classes with my Aunty!

I feel so lucky that I was able to turn to these holistic healing methods to help me overcome trauma, they gave me the strength I needed and allowed me to bring more acceptance and self-love into my life.

Dani Reiki Master & Intuitive Energy Healer

Here’s a few random things about me :)

  • I re-discovered Reiki when I was studying Veterinary Medicine, my Reiki training really strengthened my intuition and opened me up to my true purpose of being an energy healer.

  • I’ve been vegan/plant-based for 16 years!

  • I moved to the Sunny Coast with my partner, Ipek, and our adorable cat, Amber, in 2017 and love being able to spend so much time in nature!

  • I am highly empathic and sensitive to energy! I truly believe being an empath is a superpower and have many tips and tricks that I can share with my fellow empaths on how to clear your energy and keep yourself feeling more balanced.

I am so grateful that I get to work with amazing women, who have the desire to let go of old limiting beliefs and past hurts, women who are ready to create a truly vibrant life. I can’t wait to share Reiki with you :)


  • Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists

  • Reiki Master (Usui Lineage)

  • Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Attuned to Violet Flame Reiki, Diamond Reiki and other healing frequencies

  • Holistic Health Coach (Health Coach Institute)

  • Life Coach (Health Coach Institute)

  • Owner at Gaia Sweets (Healthy Vegan Cake Business - Perth, WA)

  • Plant Based Nutrition Certificate (T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell)

  • Bachelor of Science - Veterinary Biology (Murdoch University)

  • Bachelor of Environmental Science - Wildlife & Conservation Biology (Deakin University)

What is a Reiki Master?

The Reiki levels are a pathway of spiritual and personal development, with Reiki Master (Level III) being the highest level of dedication along this path. I choose to live my life from a place of love and intuition, with an openness and willingness to always continue learning and growing! A strong foundation of meditation, plant-based living and regular self-healing allows me to be the clearest channel I can be, which is essential for work as an Reiki Healer!